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How To


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Are you tired of bloat and can't stand shitty software like Windows anymore? Do you hate capitalism? Do you also hate the fascist alternatives you're being offered? Do you just want to create a genuinely good bullshitless technology that would help all people? Do you just want to share knowledge freely without censorship? You have come to the right place.

Firstly let us welcome you, no matter who you are, no matter your political opinions, your past and your skills, we are glad to have you here. Remember, you don't have to be a programmer to help and enjoy LRS. LRS is a lifestyle, a philosophy. Whether you are a programmer, artist, educator or just someone passing by, you are welcome, you may enjoy our culture and its fruit and if you want, you can help enrich it.

If you don't know how to start, here are some basic steps:

  1. Learn about the most essential topics and concepts, mainly free software, open-source, bloat, kiss, capitalist_software, suckless, LRS, less retarded society and type A/B fail. You will also need to open up your mind and re-learn some toxic concepts you've been taught by the system, e.g. we do NOT fight anything, we do NOT create any heroes or "leaders" (we follow ideas, not people), work is bad, older is better than "modern".
  2. Install GNU/Linux operating system to free yourself from shit like Windows and Mac (you can also consider BSD but you're probably too noob for that). Do NOT try to switch to "Linux" right away if it's your first time, it's almost impossible, you want to just install "Linux" as dual boot (alongside your main OS) or on another computer (easier). This way you'll be using both operating systems, slowly getting more comfortable with "Linux" and eventually you'll find yourself uninstalling Windows altogether. You can also just try "Linux" in a virtual machine, from a live CD/flash drive or you can buy something with "Linux" preinstalled like Raspberry Pi. Which "Linux" to install? There are many options and as a noob you don't have to go hardcore right away, just install any distro that just werks (don't listen to people who tell you to install Gentoo tho). You can try these:
  1. Learn a bit of command line and start using FOSS alternatives to you proprietary programs, e.g. GIMP instead of Photoshop, LibreOffice instead of MS Office etc. Find and start using alternatives to harmful web services, e.g. invidious or Peertube in relation to YouTube.
  2. If you want to program LRS, learn C (see the tutorial). Also learn a bit of POSIX shell and maybe some mainstream scripting language (can be even a bloated one like Python). Learn about licensing and version control (git).
  3. Optionally make your own minimal website (or even a gopherhole) to help reshare ideas you like (static HTML site without JavaScript). This is very easy, and the site can be hosted for free e.g. on git hosting sites like Codeberg or GitLab. Get in touch with us.
  4. Finally start creating something: either programs or other stuff like free art, educational materials etc.
  5. profit???

Would you like to create LRS but don't have enough spare time/money to make this possible? You can check out making living with LRS.

Dos and Don'ts

This is a summary of some main guidelines on how an LRS supporter should behave so as to stay consistent with LRS philosophy, however it is important that this is shouldn't be taken as rules to be blindly followed. The last thing we want is to establish a religion with commandments to be blindly followed. One has to understand why these principles are in place and even potentially modify them.

How To Live


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