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All races of men are to coexist in love and peace, despite their differences.

Races of people are very large, loosely defined groups of genetically similar (related) people. Races usually significantly differ by their look and in physical, mental and cultural aspects. The topic of human race is nowadays forbidden to be critically discussed and researched, however there at least exists a number of older research, information hidden in the underground and some things about race are completely obvious to those with an open mind. Good society, unlike for example our current capitalist society, acknowledges the differences between human races and lets them coexist peacefully in social equality despite their differences and without any need for bullshit such as political correctness.

Instead of the word race the politically correct camp uses words such as ethnicity -- it's funny, sometimes they say no such thing as race exists but other times they simply have to operate with the fact that people are genetically diverse, e.g. when they accuse others of racism, as existence of discrimination based on genetic differences between people necessarily implies the existence of genetic differences between people -- so here they try to substitute the word race for a different word so as to make their self-contradiction less obvious. Anyway, it doesn't work :)

Race can be told from the shape of the skull and one's DNA, which finds use e.g. in forensics to help solve crimes. It is officially called the ancestry estimation. Some idiots say this should be forbidden to do because it's "racist" lmao. Besides the obvious visual difference such as skin color races also have completely measurable differences acknowledged even by modern "science", for example unlike other races about 90% of Asians have dry earwax. Similar absolutely measurable differences exist in height, body odor, alcohol and lactose tolerance, high altitude tolerance, vulnerability to specific diseases, hair structure, cold tolerance, risk of obesity, behavior (see e.g. the infamous chimp out behavior of black people) and others. While dryness of earwax is really a minor curiosity, it is completely unreasonable to believe that race differences stop at traits we humans find unimportant and that genetics somehow magically avoids affecting traits that are harder to measure and which our current society deems politically incorrect to exist. In fact differences in important areas such as intelligence were measured very well -- these are however either censored or declared incorrect and "debunked" by unquestionable "science" authorities, because politics.

Pseudoleft uses cheap, logically faulty arguments to deny the existence of race; for example that there are no clear objective boundaries between races -- of course there are not, but how does that imply nonexistence of race? That's like saying that color doesn't exist because given any two distinct colors there exists a gradual transition, or that music and noise are the same thing because objectively no clear line can be drawn between them.

The politically correct camp further argues that there wasn't enough time for human races to develop significant differences as evolution operates on scales of millions of years while the evolution of modern humans was taking part about in an order of magnitude smaller time scale. However it has been shown that evolution can be much faster under specific conditions, e.g. those of rapid environment change (shown e.g. in a documentary Laws of the Lizard on anoles that show signs of evolutionary change only after 14 years, also see e.g. the book The 10,000 Year Explosion talking about actual acceleration of human evolution) and interbreeding with other species (e.g. Neanderthals, which European population bred with but African population didn't), which did occur when humans spread around the world and had to live in vastly different conditions -- successful civilizations themselves actually furthermore started to rapidly change their environment to something that favors very different traits. We can take a look at the enormous differences between dog breeds which have been bred mostly during only the last 200 years and whose differences are enormous and not only physical, but also that of intelligence and temperament -- yes, the breeding of dogs has been selective, but a rapid change in environment may have a similar accelerating effect, and the process in humans still took many tens of thousands of years. For example races of slaves were probably selectively bred, even if unintentionally, as physically fit slaves were more likely to survive than those who were smart; similarly in prospering civilizations, e.g. that of Europe, where trade, business and development of technology (e.g. military) became more crucial for survival than in primitive desert or jungle civilizations, different traits such as intelligence became preferred by evolution.

Another pseudoleftist argument is that "the DNA of any two individuals is 99.6 % identical so the differences are really insignificant". Now consider that DNA of a pig is 98 % identical to human. We see the argument is like saying a strawberry and beer is practically the same thing as they are both about 93 % water. It is known that only a minuscule part of DNA has any actual biological effect, only a small part is important and therefore including all the unimportant junk in judging similarity is just purposeful attempt at misleading statistics.

Denying the facts regarding human race is called race denialism, the acceptance of these facts is called race realism. Race denialism is part of the basis of today's pseudoleftist political ideology, theories such as polygenism (multiregional hypothesis) are forbidden to be supported and they're ridiculed and demonized by mainstream information sources like Wikipedia who only promote the politically correct "out of Africa" theory. SJWs reject any idea of a race with the same religious fanaticism with which Christian fanatics opposed Darwin's evolution theory.

What races are there? That depends on definitions, the boundaries between races are fuzzy and the lines can be drawn differently. The traditional, most general division still found in the greatest 1990s encyclopedias is to three large groups: Caucasoid (white), Negroid (black) and Mongoloid (yellow). These can be further subdivided. Some go as far as calling different nations separate races (e.g. the Norwegian race, Russian race etc.), thought that may be a bit of a stretch. One of the first scientific divisions of people into races was done by Francois Bernier in New Division of the Earth by the Different Species or "Races" of Man that Inhabit It into Europeans, Asians, Africans and Sami (north Europe), based on skin color, hair color, height and shape of face, nose and eyes.

There is a controversial 1994 book called The Bell Curve that deals with differences in intelligence between races (later followed by other books such as The Global Bell Curve trying to examine the situation world-wide). SJWs indeed tried to attack it, however international experts on intelligence agree the book is correct in saying average intelligence between races differs (see e.g. The Wall Street Journal's Mainstream Science on Intelligence). An online resource with a lot of information on racial differences is e.g. http://www.humanbiologicaldiversity.com/. See also e.g. https://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Race_and_morphology. Note that even though the mentioned sites may be fascist, biased and contain propaganda of their own, they provide links to resources which the pseudoleftist mainstream such as Wikipedia and Google simply censor -- while we may not promote the politics and opinions of mentioned sites, we link to them to provide access to censored information so that one can seek truth and form his own opinions.

If you want a relatively objective view on races, read old (pre 1950) books. See for example the article on NEGRO in 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica (1911), which clearly states on page 344 of the 19th volume that "Mentally the negro is inferior to the white" and continues to cite thorough study of this, finding that black children were quite intelligent but with adulthood the intellect always went down, however it states that negro has e.g. better sense of vision and hearing. Even in the 90s still the uncensored information on race was still available in the mainstream sources, e.g. the 1995 Desk Reference Encyclopedia and 1993 Columbia Encyclopedia still have articles on races and their differences.

{ Lol, the 1917 book The Circle of Knowledge has a detailed table comparing various races physically and mentally, stating things like "negro: slight mental development after puberty" etc. Encyclopedia Americana (1918) also mentions a detailed description of the negro, mentioning things such as much lower brain weight, prolonged arms, distinct odor and a lower face angle. ~drummyfish }

In relation to technology/math/science it is useful to know the differences in intellect between different races, though cultural and other traits linked to races may also play a big role. It is important to keep in mind intelligence isn't one dimensional, it's one of the most complex and complicated concepts we can be dealing with (remember the famous test that revealed that chimpanzees greatly outperform humans at certain intellectual tasks such as remembering the order of numbers seen for a very short period of time). We can't simplify to a single measure such as IQ score. Let intelligence here mean simply the ability to perform well in the area of our art. And of course, there are smart and stupid people in any race, the general statements we make are just about statistics and probabilities.

The smartest races in this regard seem to be Jews and Asians (also found so by the book Bell Curve), closely followed by the general white race. There is no question about the intelligence of Jews, the greatest thinkers of all times were Jewish (Richard Stallman, Einstein, Marx, Chomsky, even Jesus and others). Jews seem to have a very creative intelligence while Asians are more mechanically inclined, they can learn a skill and bring it to perfection with an extremely deep study and dedication. The African black race (in older literature known as the negro) is decisively the least intelligent -- this makes a lot of sense, the race has been oppressed and living in harsh conditions for centuries and didn't get much chance to evolve towards good performance in intellectual tasks, quite the opposite, those who were physically fit rather than smart were probably more likely to survive and reproduce as slaves or jungle people (even if white people split from the blacks relatively recently, a rapid change in environment also leads to a rapid change in evolution, even that of intelligence). 1892 book Hereditary Genius says that the black race is about two grades below the white race (nowadays the gap will most likely be lower). Hispanics were found to perform in between the white and black people. There isn't so much info about other races such as the red race or Eskimos, but they're probably similarly intelligent to the black race (The above mentioned book Hereditary Genius gives an intelligence of the Australian race at least one grade below that of the negro). The brown races are kind of complicated, the Indian people showed a great intellectual potential, e.g. in chess, math, philosophy (nonviolence inherently connected to India is the most intellectually advanced philosophy), and lately also computer science (even though many would argue that "pajeets" are just trained coding monkeys).

Increasing multiculturalism and mixing of the races will likely make all of this less and less relevant. But for now the differences still stand.

LRS philosophy is of course FOR multiculturalism and mixing of races. Biodiversity is good and it would probably also help reduce racial fascism/nationalism.

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