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Fascist groups are subgroups of society that strongly pursue self interest on the detriment of others (those who are not part of said group). Fascism is a rightist, competitive tendency; fascists aim to make themselves as strong, as powerful and as rich as possible, i.e. to weaken and possibly eliminate competing groups, to have power over them, enslave them and to seize their resources. The means of their operation are almost exclusively evil, including violence, bullying, wars, propaganda, eye for an eye, slavery etc.

A few examples of fascist groups are corporations, nations, NSDAP (Nazis), LGBT, feminists, Antifa, KKK, Marxists and, of course, the infamous Italian fascist party of Benito Mussolini.

Fascism is always bad and we have to aim towards eliminating it (that is eliminating fascism, NOT fascists -- fascists are people and living beings to whom we wish no harm). However here comes a great warning: in eliminating fascism be extremely careful to not become a fascist yourself. We purposefully do NOT advice to fight fascism as fight implies violence, the tool of fascism. Elimination of fascism has to be done in a non-violent way. Sadly, generation after generation keeps repeating the same mistake over and over: they keep opposing fascism by fascist means, eventually taking the oppressors place and becoming the new oppressor, only to again be dethroned by the new generation. This has happened e.g. with feminism and other pseudoleftist movements. This is an endless cycle of stupidity but, more importantly, endless suffering of people. This cycle needs to be ended. We must choose not the easy way of violence, but the difficult way of non-violent rejection which includes loving the enemy as we love ourselves. Fascism is all about loving one's own group while hating the enemy groups -- if we can achieve loving all groups of people, even fascists themselves, fascism will have been by definition eliminated.

Fear is the fuel of fascism. When fear of an individual reaches certain level -- which is different for everyone -- he turns to fascism. Even that who is normally anti fascist has a breaking point, under extreme pressure of fear one starts to seek purely selfish goals. This is why e.g. capitalism fuels fear culture: it makes people fascists which is a prerequisite for becoming a capitalist. When "leaders" of nations need to lead war, they start spreading propaganda of fear so as to turn people into fascists that easily become soldiers. This is why education is important in eliminating fascism: it is important to e.g. show that we need not be afraid of people of other cultures, of sharing information and resources etc. The bullshit of fear propaganda has to be exposed.

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