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Fascist (from Latin fasces, "bundle", "group", ancient symbol of power to punish) groups are subgroups of society that strongly pursue self interest on the detriment of others (those who are not part of said group). Fascism is a rightist, competitive tendency, very much connected to identity politics (being or rather feeling to be part of some group, e.g. nation, sex, race etc.); fascists aim to make themselves as strong, as powerful and as rich as possible, i.e. to weaken and possibly eliminate competing groups, to have power over them, enslave them and to seize their resources. Fascism uses mechanism of tribalism -- a primitive instinct to which an unintelligent man easily gives in and which is easily abused by a politician. Fascist modi operandi are almost exclusively evil, including violence, bullying, wars, propaganda, eye for an eye, slavery etc.

A few examples of fascist groups are corporations, nations, NSDAP (Nazis), LGBT, feminists, Antifa, KKK, Marxists and, of course, the infamous Italian fascist party of Benito Mussolini. Some famous fascists include Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Churchill, Julius Caesar, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and all American presidents (basically any so called "great leader" can be included).

Fascism is always bad and we have to aim towards eliminating it (that is eliminating fascism, NOT fascists -- fascists are people and living beings to whom we wish no harm). However here comes a great warning: in eliminating fascism be extremely careful to not become a fascist yourself. We purposefully do NOT advice to fight fascism as fight implies violence, the tool of fascism. Elimination of fascism has to be done in a non-violent way. Sadly, generation after generation keeps repeating the same mistake over and over: they keep opposing fascism by fascist means, eventually taking the oppressors place and becoming the new oppressor, only to again be dethroned by the new generation. This has happened e.g. with feminism and other pseudoleftist movements. This is an endless cycle of stupidity but, more importantly, endless suffering of people. This cycle needs to be ended. We must choose not the easy way of violence, but the difficult way of non-violent rejection which includes loving the enemy as we love ourselves. Fascism is all about loving one's own group while hating the enemy groups -- if we can achieve loving all groups of people, even fascists themselves, fascism will have been by definition eliminated.

Identity is the parent of fascism, fear is its fuel. Identity makes one mentally separate people into groups, feel part of one of them and feel threatened by the other ones. When fear of an individual reaches certain level -- which is different for everyone -- he turns to fascism. Even that who is normally anti fascist has a breaking point, under extreme pressure of fear one starts to seek purely selfish goals. This is why e.g. capitalism fuels fear culture: it makes people fascists which is a prerequisite for becoming a capitalist. When "leaders" of nations need to lead war, they start spreading propaganda of fear so as to turn people into fascists that easily become soldiers. This is why education is important in eliminating fascism: it is important to e.g. show that we need not be afraid of people of other cultures, of sharing information and resources etc. The bullshit of fear propaganda has to be exposed.

There are many easy giveaways of fascism -- in general fascism is linked to some of the following:

In relation to fascism we may define so called fascist radius -- given an individual, fascist radius says how far away (by some metric of distance, similarity to the individual, e.g. genetic similarity, geographic distance, intelligence, ...) he considers others part of his group; individuals beyond this radius -- those out of the circle -- he considers enemies. Fascist radius so small that it includes only the individual himself is pure self centrism, such individual considers everyone else potential enemy and only aims to benefit himself and no one else. Radius that will include tens of people might be called a mafia radius, the individual will try to benefit a group of individuals who are personally close, typically a family. A bigger radius may be that of a city, company, local sports team fans etc. When the size of the group gets into millions, we typically encounter nationalism, but it may also be a different kind of fascism, for example religious or ideological. On the scale of billions of individuals we might get racism, continent supremacy, large religions, human-centrism etc. Only when the fascist radius gets infinitely large or zero fascism degenerates and disappears -- in this case there are no longer separate groups, everyone is either inside the circle (infinite radius) or outside of it (zero radius), and this is what we want to achieve.

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