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This article is a part of series of articles on fascism.

Feminism is a fascist terrorist pseudoleftist movement aiming for establishing female as the superior gender, for social revenge on men and gaining political power, e.g. that over language. Similarly to LGBT, feminism is hugely violent, toxic and harmful, based on brainwashing, bullying (e.g. the metoo campaign) and propaganda.

If anything's clear, then that feminism doesn't care about gender equality. Firstly it is not called gender equality movement but feminism, i.e. for-female, and as we know, name plays a huge role. Indeed, women have historically been oppressed and needed support, but once that support reaches equality -- which has basically already happened a long time ago now -- feminist movement will, if only by social inertia, keep pursuing more advantages for women (what else should a movement called feminism do?), i.e. at this point the new goal has already become female superiority. Another proof is that feminists care about things such as wage gap but of course absolutely don't give a damn about opposite direction inequality, such as men dying on average much younger than women etc. And of course, when men establish "men rights" movements to address this, suddenly feminists see those as "fascist", "toxic" and "violent" and try to destroy such movements.

Apparently in Korea feminists already practice segregation, they separate parking spots for men and women so as to prevent women bumping into men or meeting a man late at night because allegedly men are more aggressive and dangerous. Now this is pretty ridiculous, this is exactly the same as if they separated e.g. parking lots for black and white people because black people are statistically more aggressive and involved in crime, you wouldn't want to meet them at night. So, do we still want to pretend feminists are not fascist?

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