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Just Werks

"Just werks" (for "just works" if that's somehow not clear) is a phrase usually used by noobs to justify using a piece of technology while completely neglecting any other deeper and/or long term consequences, though the argument has legitimate uses as well. A noob doesn't think about technology further than how it can immediately perform some task for him, to him "just werks" is a mere rationalization that gives him the comfort needed to not think things through.

"Just werks" can be used legitimately to express that something simply works, e.g. thanks to being simple, for example "PDFs suck, plaintext just werks". This use of the term is acceptable.

This phrase is widely used e.g. on 4chan/g, however mostly in the wrong way. It possibly originated there.

The ignorant "just werks" philosophy completely ignores questions such as:

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