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Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income (UBI) is the idea that all people should get regular pay from the state without any conditions, i.e. even if they don't work, even if they are rich, criminals etc. It is a great idea and we fully support it as the first step towards the ideal society in which people don't have to work. As automation takes away more and more jobs, it is being discussed more and experiments with UBI are being conducted, even though capitalist idiots rather try to invent more and more bullshit jobs to keep people enslaved.

UBI that itself covers all basic needs is called full, otherwise it is called partial. UBI subscribes to the idea that the goal of progress is to eliminate the need for work, which is correct -- we should leave all work to machines eventually, that's why we started civilization. This doesn't mean we can't work, just that we aren't obliged.

The first reaction of a noob hearing about UBI is "but everyone will just stop working!" Well no, for a number of reasons (which have been confirmed by real life experiments). For example most people don't want to just survive, they want to buy nice things and have something extra, so most people will want to get some additional income. Secondly people do want to work -- work in the sense of doing something meaningful. If they don't have to be wage slaves, most will decide to dedicate their free time to doing something useful. Thirdly people are already used to working, most will keep doing it just out of inertia, e.g. because they have friends at work or simply because they actually happen to like going there.

Another question of the noob is "but who will pay for it?!" Well, we all and especially the rich. In current situation, even if we make the rich give away 90% of their wealth, they won't even notice.

Of course, UBI works with money and money is bad, however the core idea is simply about sharing resources, i.e. true communism which surpasses the concept of money. That is once money is eliminated, the idea of UBI will stay as the right of everyone to get things such as food and health care unconditionally. LRS supports UBI as the immediate next step towards making money less important and eventually eliminating them altogether.

Advantages of UBI:

Disadvantages of UBI:

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