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Google is one the very top big tech corporations, as well as one of the worst corporations in history (if not THE worst), comparable only to Micro$oft and Facebook. Google is gigantically evil and largely controls the Internet, pushes mass surveillance, personal data collection and abuse, ads, bloat, fascism and censorship.

Google's motto used to be "Don't be evil", but in 2018 they ditched it lol xD

Google raised to the top thanks to its search engine launched in the 90s. It soon got a monopoly on the Internet search and started pushing ads. Nowadays Google's search engine basically just promotes "content" on Google's own content platforms such as YouTube and of course censors sites deemed politically incorrect.

Besides heavily biasing web search results towards Google's own and friendly platforms, Google also heavily censors the search results and won't show links to prohibited sites unless you literally very specifically show that you want to find a prohibited site you already know of, for example you won't find results leading to Metapedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica unless you literally search for the url of those sites of long verbatim phrases they contain -- this is a trick played on those who "test" Google which at is mean to make it look as if Google actually isn't censored, however it is of course censored because the only people who will ever find the prohibited sites and their content are people who already know about it and are specifically searching for it just to test Google's censorship. { EDIT: tho Google also seems to refuse to give some URLs no matter what, e.g. https://infogalactic.com. Just tested it. ~drummyfish } If you intend to truly search the Internet, don't rely on Google's results but search with multiple engines (that have their own index) such as Mojeek, Yandex, Right Dao, wiby, YaCy, Qwant etc. (and of course search the darknet).

Google has created a malicious capitalist mobile "operating system" called Android, which they based on Linux with which they managed to bypass its copyleft by making Android de-facto dependent on their proprietary Play Store and other programs. I.e. they managed to take a free project and make a de-facto proprietary malware out of it -- a system that typically doesn't allow users to modify its internals and turn off its malicious features. With Android they invaded a huge number of devices from cells phones to TVs and have the ability to spy on the users of these devices.

Google also tries to steal the public domain: they scan and digitize old books whose copyright has expired and put the on the Internet archive, however in these scans they put a condition that the scans should not be used for commercial purposes, i.e. they try to keep exclusive commercial right for public domain works, something they have no right to do at all.

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