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Micro$soft (officially Microsoft, MS) is a terrorist organization, software corporation named after its founder's dick -- it is, along with Google, Apple et al one of the biggest organized crime groups in history, best known for holding the world hostage with its highly abusive "operating system" called Windows, as well as for leading an aggressive war on free software and utilizing many unethical and/or illegal business practices such as destroying any potential competition with the Embrace Extend Extinguish (actual terminology internally used at Microsoft) strategy or lately practicing heavy openwashing.

{ Techrights documents Microsoft nicely on their wiki, see e.g. "Microsoft sins" at http://techrights.org/wiki/List_of_Microsoft_Sins, which among others list illegally shooting an antelope, tax evasion, attacking (physically and verbally) employees who leave for other companies and bribing bloggers to write positive reviews. ~drummyfish }

Microsoft is unfortunately among the absolutely most powerful entities in the world (that sucks given they're also among the most hostile ones) -- likely more powerful than any government and most other corporations, it is in their power to immediately destroy any country with the push of a button, it's just a question of when this also becomes their interest. This power is due to them having complete control over almost absolute majority of personal computers in the world (and therefore by extension over all devices, infrastructure, organization etc.), through their proprietary (malware) "operating system" Windows that has built-in backdoor, allowing Microsoft immediate access and control over practically any computer in the world. The backdoor "feature" isn't even hidden, it is officially and openly admitted (it is euphemistically called auto updates). Microsoft prohibits studying and modification of Windows under threats including physical violence (tinkering with Windows violates its EULA which is a lawfully binding license, and law can potentially be enforced by police using physical force). Besides legal restrictions Microsoft applies high obfuscation, bloat, SAASS and other techniques preventing user freedom and defense against terrorism, and forces its system to be installed in schools, governments, power plants, hospitals and basically on every computer anyone buys. Microsoft can basically (for most people) turn off the Internet, electricity, traffic control system etc. Therefore every hospital, school, government and any other institution has to bow to Microsoft.

TODO: it would take thousands of books to write just a fraction of all the bad things, let's just add the most important ones

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