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"Everything that modern culture hates is good, and everything that modern culture loves is bad." --fschmidt from reactionary software

So called modern software/hardware and other technology might as well be synonymous with shitty abusive technology. In a capitalist age when everything is getting progressively worse in terms of design, quality, ethicality, efficiency, etc., newer means worse, therefore modern (newest) means the worst. In other words modern is a term that stands for "as of yet best optimized for exploiting users". At LRS we see the term modern as negative -- for example whenever someone says "we work with modern technology", he is really saying "we are working with worst technology we know of".

The word modern was similarly addressed e.g. by reactionary software -- it correctly identifies the word as being connected to a programming orthodoxy of current times, the one that's obsessed with creating bad technology and rejecting good technology. { I only found reactionary software after this article has been written. ~drummyfish }

Modern Vs Old Technology

It's sad and dangerous that newer generation won't even remember technology used to be better, people will soon think that the current disgusting state of technology is the best we can do. That is of course wrong, technology used to be relatively good. It is important we leave here a note on at least a few ways in which old was much, much better.

(INB4 "it was faster and longer on battery etc. because it was simpler" -- yes, that is exactly the point.)

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