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Less Retarded Society

Less retarded society (LRS, same acronym as less retarded software) is a model of ideal society towards which we, the LRS, want to be moving. Less retarded society is a peaceful, collaborative society that aims for maximum well being of all living beings, a society without violence, money, oppression, need for work, social competition, poverty, scarcity, criminality, censorship, self-interest, government, police, laws, bullshit, slavery and many other negative phenomena. It equally values all living beings and establishes true social equality in which everyone can pursue his true desires freely. The society works similarly to that described by the Venus Project and various anarchist theories (especially anarcho pacifist communism).

Note that this society is an ideal model, i.e. it can probably not be achieved 100% but it's something that gives us a direction and to which we can get very close with enough effort. We create an ideal theoretical model and then try to approximate it in reality, which is a scientific approach that is utilized almost everywhere: for example mathematics defines a perfect sphere and such a model is then useful in practice even if we cannot ever create a mathematically perfect sphere in the real physical world -- the mathematical equations of a sphere guide us so that with enough effort we are able to create physical spheres that are pretty close to an ideal sphere. The same can be done with society. This largely refutes the often given argument that "it's impossible to achieve so we shouldn't try at all" -- we should try our best and the closer to the ideal we get, the better for us.

Basic Description

The following is a basic description of just some features of the ideal society, some of which are however only speculative. Keep in mind it is impossible to plan a whole society exactly -- even if some of the speculations here turns out to be somehow erroneous, it probably still doesn't present a fatal obstacle to implementing our society, things may simply just turn out differently or to be more or less challenging than we predict.

Our society is anarcho pacifist and communist, meaning it rejects capitalism, money, violence, war, states, social hierarchy etc. Money, market, capitalism, consumerism, private property, wage labor and trade don't exist, people are free and happy as they can pursue their true interests and potential.

People don't have to work, almost everything is automated and the amount of work needed to be done is minimized by eliminating unnecessary bullshit jobs such as marketing, lawyers, insurance, politicians, state bureaucracy, creation of consumer entertainment and goods etc. One of the basic rights of an individual is the right to live, without having to deserve this right by proving worth, usefulness, obedience etc. The little remaining human work that's necessary is done voluntarily.

Society is NOT based on competition, but rather on collaboration. Making people compete for basic life resources is seen as highly cruel and unethical. The natural need for competition is still satisfied with games and sports, but people know competition is kind of a poison and know they have to practice self control to not allow competitive tendencies in real life.

There is abundance of resources for everyone, poverty is non existent, artificial scarcity is no longer sustained by capitalism. There is enough food and accommodation for everyone, of course for free, as well as health care, access to information, entertainment, tools and so on. Where there used to be shopping centers, parking lots, government buildings and skyscrapers, there are now fields and people voluntarily collaborate on automating production of food on them.

States and governments don't exist, there are no artificial borders. Society self regulates and consists of decentralized, mostly self-sufficient communities that utilize their local resources as much as they can and send abundant resources to communities that lack them. The is no law in the sense of complex written legislation, no lawyers, courts and police, society works on the principle of moral laws, education and non-violent actions (e.g. refusal of people to use money etc.). Communities aren't hugely interdependent and hyperspecialized as in capitalism so there is no danger of system collapse. Many decisions nowadays taken by politicians, such as those regarding distribution of resources, are in our ideal society made by computers based on collected data and objective scientific criteria.

Criminality doesn't exist, there is no motivation for it as everyone has abundance of everything, no one carries guns, people don't see themselves as competing with others in life and everyone is raised in an environment that nurtures their peaceful, collaborative, selfless loving side. People with "criminal genes" have become extinct thanks to natural selection by people voluntarily choosing to breed with non-violent people.

Technology is actually simple, good and helps people. Internet is actually nice, it provides practically all information ever digitized, for example there is a global database of all videos ever produced, including movies, educational videos and documentaries, all without ads and copyright strikes, coming with all known metadata, subtitles, annotations, accessible by many means (something akin websites, APIs, ...), all videos can be downloaded, mirrored and complex search queries can be performed, unlike e.g. with YouTube. Satellite images, streams from all live cameras and other sensors in the world are easily accessible in real time. Search engines are much more powerful than Google can dream of as data is organized efficiently and friendly to indexing, not hidden behind paywalls or registrations to websites, which means that for example all text of all e-books is indexed as well as all conversations ever had on the Internet and subtitles of videos. All source code of all programs is available for unlimited use by anyone. There are only a few models of standardized computers, not thousands of slightly different competing products as nowadays. There is a tiny, energy efficient computer model, then a more powerful computer for complex computation etc. All are of course without malicious features such as DRM, gay teenager aesthetics, consumerist "killer features" or planned obsolescence. All schematics are available. Personal computers, such as what we would nowadays call a phone, last weeks on single battery charge thanks to lack of bloat and bullshit, and are far more responsive and faster than computers nowadays despite having lower raw specs because software is written in a good way. Computers and other tools remain working and usable for many decades. The computing world is NOT split by competing standards such as different programming languages, most programmers use just one programming language similar to C that's been designed to maximize quality of technology (as opposed to capitalist interests such as allowing rapid development by incompetent programmers or update culture).

Fascism doesn't exist, people no longer compete socially and don't live in fear (of immigrants, poverty, losing jobs, religious extremists etc.) that would give rise to militarist thought, society is multicultural and races highly mixed. There is no need for things such as political correctness and other censorship, people acknowledge there exist differences -- differences (e.g. in competence or performance) don't matter in a non-competitive society, discrimination doesn't exist.

Computer security is not an issue anymore, passwords and encryption practically don't exist anymore, there is nothing to "steal", no money on the Internet, no way to abuse personal data, no possibility to ruin someone's career, no celebrity accounts to hack etc.

All people speak the same language, possibly Esperanto. Though some speak multiple languages, most of the world languages have become archaic and are studied e.g. for the sake of understanding old texts. Of course dialects and different accents of the world language appear, but all are mutually intelligible thanks to constant global communication and also people being so responsible as to willingly try to not diverge from the main form too much.

People don't wear clothes unless for practical reasons (weather, safety, ...). Fashion and shame of nudity doesn't exist and it is seen as wasteful to keep manufacturing, cleaning and recycling more clothes than necessarily needed. Of course it is NOT forbidden to wear or make clothes, people just mostly naturally don't engage in unnecessary, wasteful activity.

Anyone can have sex with anyone, with consent of course, but there are no taboo limitations like forbidden incest, sex with children, animals or dead bodies, everything is allowed and culturally acceptable as long as no one gets hurt. "Cheating" in today's sense doesn't exist, marriage doesn't exist, people regularly have sex with many other people just to satisfy the basic need. People have learned to separate sex and love.

Cannibalism is acceptable as long as high hygiene is respected as it puts a dead body to good use instead of wasting food by burying it or burning it. Even though most people don't practice cannibalism, it is perfectly acceptable that some do. Many people wish to be eaten after death either by people or by animals (as for example some Buddhists do even nowadays).

There are no heroes or leaders. People learn from young age that they should follow ideas, not people, and that cults of personality are dangerous. There are known experts in different disciplines and areas of science, but no celebrities, experts aren't worshiped, their knowledge is treated the same as we nowadays e.g. treat information that we find in a database. This doesn't mean there aren't people who lead good moral examples and whose behavior is admired, people are just separated from their actions -- all people are loved unconditionally, some had the opportunity to take admirable actions and took it, some were born to perform well in sports or excel in science, but that's no reason to love the individual any more or any less or to worship him as a god.

Education is actually good, people (not only children) attend schools voluntarily, there are no grades, degrees or tests that need to be passed or prescribed courses, only recommendations and guidance of other people. There is no strict division to students and teachers, teachers are students at the same time, older people teach younger.

People don't kill or otherwise abuse and torture animals, artificial meat is widely available.

People don't have tattoos, dyed hair, piercing etc., that's simply egoistic bullshit of our individualist age. It is correctly seen as immoral to try to persuade by "good looks" -- for example by wearing a suit -- that's simply a cheap attempt at deception. Everyone is valued the same no matter their looks, people don't feel the need to change their gender or alter their look so as to appeal to anyone or to follow some kind of fashion or trend or to infiltrate specific social class. Of course cutting hair e.g. for comfort is practiced, but no one wastes their time with makeup and similar nonsense.

People live in harmony with nature, the enormous waste of capitalism and consumerist society has been eliminated, industry isn't raping nature, cities are greener and more integrated with nature, people live in energy-efficient underground houses, there are fewer roads as people don't use cars that much thanks to efficient public transport and lower need for travel thanks to not having to go to work etc.

Research advances faster, people are smarter, more rational and more moral. Nowadays probably the majority of the greatest brains are wasted on bullshit activity such as studying and trying to hack the marked, in our ideal society smart people focus on truly relevant issues such as curing cancer. People are responsible and practice e.g. voluntary birth control to prevent overpopulation. However people are NOT cold rational machines, emotions are present sometimes much more than today, for example the emotion of love towards life is so strong most people are willing to die to save someone else, even a complete stranger. People express emotion through rich art. People are also spiritual despite being highly rational -- they know rationality is but one of many tools for viewing and understanding the world. Religion still exists commonly but not in radical or hostile forms, Christianity, Islam and similar religions become more similar to e.g. Buddhism, some even merge after realizing their differences are relatively unimportant, religion becomes much less organized and much more personal.

People live much longer and are healthier thanks to faster research in medicine, free healthcare, minimization of stress and elimination of the antivirus paradox from medicine.


How To Implement It

This is the hard part, however after successfully setting things in motion it may start to become much easier and eventually even inevitable that the ideal society will be closely approached. However at the moment society seems too spoiled and change of a direction seems very unlikely, it seems more probable that we will destroy ourselves or enslave ourselves forever -- capitalism and similar misdirections of society connected to self-interest, competition, fascism etc. pose a huge threat to our endeavor and may ruin it completely, so they need to be strictly opposed, but in a CORRECT way, i.e. not by revolutions and violence but rather by education, offering alternatives and leading examples (i.e. means aligned with our basic values). It has to be stressed that we always need to follow our basic values of nonviolence, love, true rationality etc., resorting to easy ways of violence etc. will only prolong the established cycle of suffering in the society which we are trying to end. Remember, we are not creating a revolution, we aims for a rather slow, nonviolent, voluntary evolutional change.

We already have technology and knowledge to implement our ideal society -- this may have been the most difficult part and it has already been achieved -- that's the good news.

For the next phase education is crucial, we have to spread our ideas further, first among the intellectuals, then to the masses. Unfortunately this phase is still in its infancy, vast majority of intellectuals are completely uneducated in this area -- this we have to change. There are a few that support parts of our plan such as simple technology, nonviolence, not hurting animals etc., but almost no one supports them all, or see the big picture -- we need to unite these people (see also type A/B fail) to form a small but dedicated community sharing all the proposed ideas. This community will then be able to collaborate on further education, e.g. by creating materials such as books, games, vlogs, giving talks etc.

With this more of the common people should start to jump on the train and support causes such as universal basic income, free software etc., possibly leading to establishment of communities and political parties that will start restricting capitalism and implementing a more socialist society with more freedom and better education, which should further help nurture people better and accelerate the process further. From here on things should become much easier and faster, people will already see the right direction themselves.

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