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Code of Conduct

See also http://techrights.org/2019/04/23/code-of-coercion/.

Code of conduct (COC), also code of coercion, is a shitty invention of SJW fascists that's put up in projects (e.g. software) and which declares how developers of a specific project must behave socially (typically NOT just withing the context of the development but also outside of it), generally pushing toxic woke concepts such as forced inclusivity, exclusivity of people with unapproved political opinions or use of politically correct language (newspeak). Sometimes a toxic COC hides under a different name such as social contract or mission statement, though not necessarily. COC is typically placed in the project repository as a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file. In practice COCs are used to establish dictatorship and allow things such as kicking people out of development because of their political opinions expressed anywhere, inside or outside the project, and to push political opinions through software projects.

LRS must never include any COC, with possible exceptions of anti-COC (such as NO COC) or parody style COCs, not because we dislike genuine inclusivity, but because we believe COCs are bullshit and mostly harmful as they support bullying, censorship and exclusion of people.

Anyway it's best to avoid any kind of COC file in the repository, it just takes up space and doesn't serve anything. We may simply ignore this shitty concept completely. You may argue why we don't ignore e.g. copyright in the same way and just not use any licenses? The situation with copyright is different: it exists by default, without a license file the code is proprietary and our neighbors don't have the legal safety to execute basic freedoms, they may be bullied by the state -- for this we are forced to include a license file to get rid of copyright. With COC there simply isn't any such implicit issues to be solved (because COCs are simply inventing their own issues), so we just don't try to solve non-issues.

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