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21st Century

21st century, known as the Age Of Shit or Dark Ages, is already one of the worst centuries in history, despite only being around for a short time. Hell on Earth, violence, war, stupidity, destruction, hatred and greed, fascism, misery, torture and constant suffering are just some words that come into mind about this time period, Middle Ages now almost seem like a paradise. How unlucky it is to have been born in such a shitty time. Everyone just wishes he was dead. Abominations walk in the streets. In this century there exists no more good, there is just evil opposed by another evil and people no longer even know what good means, they only support one of the two evils, thinking it's the good; there are rare few who support some kind of third evil that's not one of the two major evils, but all in all there is nothing but evil. One of the biggest issues of this century is that most people think that good still exists and that "it's just in minority", that's how brainwashed everyone is. While in the past only a portion of population were slaves, under today's late stage capitalism the whole population has already been enslaved. People are absurdly stupid, and everything is getting much worse every millisecond.

In 21st century there are already long established offices whose sole purpose is to ensure people cannot make use of useful ideas (see patents). It is also possible -- and actually extremely common -- to draw a rectangle on the ground and then buy a paper that makes it possible to bully anyone who enters that rectangle, even kill him. Whole earth is now covered with such rectangles, it is impossible to set foot anywhere else -- in fact if you want to live, you have to buy a paper that gives you your own rectangle where you won't be bullied if you fall asleep, but you have to continuously pay for that paper, i.e. you are doomed to slavery just by existing. In 21 century it is forbidden to shit or urinate if you have no money in your pocket, without money you are OFFICIALLY supposed and expected to hold it until your bladder explodes and you die in the street -- if you're in a big city and you want to shit, you cannot do it, you may only pay for someone to let you take a shit in his house. Also in 21st century you cannot eat food that is next to you, that no one else is eating and that will be thrown away, and that even if you're starving -- it is called theft and you will be beaten for it, maybe even killed. In this century you can also no longer drink from rivers or lakes, they have been poisoned so that you cannot drink at all if you don't have money in your pocket -- doing the same with air is already work in progress, major cities already have borderline unbreathable air. Never ending torture is part of everyday life: for example every day you are forced to stop sleeping very early and go perform slavery that you hate deeply, the whole day you are continuously targeted with repeated brainwashing (ads, news, social media, fear culture, industrial noise, ...) that equate psychological torture. In 21st century every joke has to be preceded by 35 disclaimers, apologies to anyone who might find the joke unfunny, to the corporations that hold ownership of the words that the joke borrows, warning that the font may cause epileptic seizure, waivers of any responsibility for anything the joke may cause, threat to anyone who would think of copying the joke, attribution of all people in history thanks to which the joke is possible, several ads for sponsors of the joke and warnings about the pure coincidental similarity between any real life concepts and the concepts used in the joke -- after reading this you don't even want to read the joke anymore. But people have conformed to it, it is now standard. There are many more things like this but trying to recount them all would result in many thousands of billions of volumes of books.

21st century is a horror, devoid of all humanity. No sincerity exists anymore, only fakes, as everyone is seeking some kind of capital, no art is sincere anymore, no soul is present in any craft, there is no place for soul among pure self interest -- despite the world being filled with bright colors and infantile pictures, it's like a world full of creepy clowns, cartoon animals are dancing all around in ads and movies but you know it's all just soulless robots beneath the shell, something aimed purely at taking advantage of you, at raping you. They will torture you to death with a smile on their face.

Human is dead, he was replaced by economy. There are just things such as economy, laws, rights, countries, prosperity, justice, correctness and many others, but no human. You dislike what you do and think it has no meaning? Shut up and serve the economy.

In 21st century if you buy something there is only about 0.03% chance it will work. There is probably some law that says that if you buy something it should work, but in practice there are no laws because even if you could probably sue the seller, it would mean investing $100000000 and about 10 years of every day going to the court to get your $100 back, and the result isn't guaranteed anyway because for your investment you'll be able to afford maybe 3 lawyers while the corporation will have about 100 to 100000 lawyers, it's very unlikely you would beat that, so you just won't do it, you will just keep buying the thing over and over and praying it works. The exact breaking rates are fine tuned by special departments so as to not make people give up on buying the thing completely, but to make them buy as many of them as possible. This is basically completely optimized capitalism. Even if the thing works when you buy it, it will at best last maybe 3 days or 3 and a half days. It's similar with work (slavery) -- in theory there is some kind of minimum wage you should be paid but in practice you'll be very lucky to even be paid anything -- again, you could in theory sue your employer for not paying you but you can't really do it -- if you come naked or in bad clothes to the court you'll be automatically ruled guilty and since you have no money because the employer didn't pay you, you can't afford the required $1000000 suit, so you can't sue anyone -- so laws de facto only exist so that law makers have a job, they can't be used (well they can, but only by corporations). { I personally have this experience with computer mice -- I bought many mice this way because they just never worked, eventually I just gave up and stopped playing shooter games, I realized it's better to learn living without a working computer mouse, otherwise I would just spend all my life savings on them. ~drummyfish }

{ Sorry I just realized the previous paragraph is maybe written about 3 to 5 years ahead -- I sometimes do that because I see into the future and I don't want to rewrite this too often. Anyway it still falls under this century. ~drummyfish }

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