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Anarcho Pacifism

Anarcho pacifism (anpac) is a form of anarchism that completely rejects any violence. Anarcho pacifists argue that since anarchism opposes hierarchy and oppression, we have to reject violence which is a tool of oppression and establishing hierarchy. This would make it the one true purest form of anarchism. Anarcho pacifists use a black and white flag.

Historically anarcho pacifists such as Leo Tolstoy were usually religiously motivated for rejecting violence, however this stance may also come from logic and other than religious beliefs, e.g. the simple belief that violence will only spawn more violence ("eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind"), or pure unconditional love of life.

We, LRS, advocate anarcho pacifism. We see how violence can be a short term solution, even to preventing a harm of many, however from the long term perspective we only see the complete delegitimisation of violence as leading to a truly mature society. We realize a complete, 100% non violent society may be never achieved, but with enough education and work it will be possible to establish a society with absolute minimum of violence, a society in which firstly people grow up in a completely non violent environment so that they never accept violence, and secondly have all needs secured so that they don't even have a reason for using violence. We should at least try to get as close to this ideal as possible.

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