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Political Correctness

The issue is not my language but your ego.

Political correctness (abbreviated PC) means censorship (often self censorship) of language, science, art and facts according to the pseudoleftist gospel. It is extremely harmful to society as it as artificially invented "issue" that not only puts people and science under heavy control and censorship, but also creates a great conflict between its proponents and those who value truth, freedom of art, science and communication, not talking about burdening the whole society with yet another competitive bullshit that doesn't have to exist at all. Political correctness is mainly a political tool that allows elimination (so called cancelling) and discrediting opposition of pseudoleftist political movements and parties, as well as brainwashing and though control (see e.g. Newspeak).

Political correctness goes strictly against free speech, it tries to force people "to behave" and be afraid of words and talking, it creates conflict, divides the society and also TEACHES people to be offended by language -- i.e. even if a specific word wouldn't normally be used or seen in a hostile way (e.g. the master branch in git repositories), political correctness establishes that NOW IT IS OFFENSIVE and specific minorities SHOULD take offense, even if they normally wouldn't, supporting offended culture and fight culture. I.e. political correctness can be called a cancer of society.

Of course, political correctness doesn't stop at censoring simple words, don't get mistaken. Facts such as those regarding race and sex difference are censored and replaced with lies with the help of soyence. Political correctness tries to forcefully dictate standard of a culture, e.g. the standard of beauty, politeness and so on.

The idea itself is not only dangerous but pretty stupid, it is a bullshit pseudoleftist idea that says we should forcefully restrain from using language they define as "offensive" to certain selected groups of people. For example the SJW gospel declared that in the realm of technology the word blackbox is "offensive" to black people and as such should be censored and replaced with another term (one they would call more "inclusive"), anyone who refuses to conform will be cancelled. Indeed this is probably the peak of retardedness.

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