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Name Is Important

Name of a philosophy, project, movement, group, ideology etc. plays a more significant role than a common man believes. A naive view is that name is just an arbitrary identifier whose value lies at most being "catchy" and "easily remembered" (see also marketing), a common man will rather believe promise of politician than the name of his party which he will disregard just as a "bunch of unimportant words"; however name is much more than a mere string of letters, it is the single most stable defining feature of an entity; everything else, all the books and knowledge associated with it may be distorted by history, but the name will always stay the same and will hold a scrutiny over all actions of the entity, it will always be a permanent reminder to every follower of what he is trying to achieve. But what if the name of the movement changes? Then it will be by definition a new, different movement, and everyone will have to decide if he wants to abandon the old movement to join the new. The name very often points towards the one true goal.

HOWEVER, it may also not be completely true -- few things in Universe hold absolutely. Hear this warning: firstly human language itself (i.e. meanings of all words that exist in it) changes, the process is slow but in several hundred years this effect becomes significant. Secondly although the power of name is great, it is not infinite, the discussed stress of the importance of name should just remind us that the force of the name is greater than one might expect, but may still be broken if stronger forces are at play -- there have been many cases of name abuse in history, notably e.g. by Nazism whose name stands for "national socialism" but whose actions were completely antisocialist, or so called "Anarcho" capitalism which abuses the name anarchism despite being completely antianarchist. The moral of the story here is that we should put a great effort in choosing a name, but we shouldn't think we'll be safe as long as we do -- we will probably never be safe from the fuzziness of language and its potential to be abused, but we should try to do our best.

We have to keep in mind two things:

Let us comment on a few examples:

{ A note from my friend: "coding" gaining popularity over "programming" maybe shows a subconscious shift towards productivity cult, a shift from focusing on the process and doing it well (programming) towards just shitting out quantities of code (coding). ~drummyfish }

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