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Name Is Important

Name of a philosophy, project, movement, group, ideology etc. plays a more significant role than a common man believes. A naive view is that name is just an identifier, a common man will rather believe promise of politician than the name of his party; however name is much more than a mere string of letters, it is the single most stable defining feature of an entity; everything else, all the books and knowledge associated with it may be distorted by history, but the name will always stay the same and will hold a scrutiny over all actions of the entity, it will always be a permanent reminder to every follower of what he is trying to achieve. But what if the name of the movement changes? Then it is to be considered a new, different movement. The name usually holds the one true goal.

For this we have to keep in mind two things:

Nevertheless keep in mind that while the power of the name is great, it is not infinite and the above may not hold if stronger forces are at play -- there have been many cases of name abuse in history, notably e.g. by Nazism whose name stands for "national socialism" but whose actions were completely anti-socialist, or so called "Anarcho" capitalism which abuses the name anarchism despite being completely anti-anarchist.

Let us comment on a few examples:

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