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LRS Wiki

LRS wiki, also Less Retarded Wiki, is a public domain (CC0) encyclopedia focused on truly good, minimalist technology, mainly computer software -- so called less retarded software (LRS) which should serve the people at large -- while also exploring related topics such as the relationship between technology and society, promoting so called less retarded society. The basic motivation behind LRS and its wiki is unconditional love of all life, and the goal of LRS is to move towards creating a truly useful, selfless technology that maximally helps all living beings as much as possible. As such the wiki rejects for example capitalist software (and capitalism itself), bloated software, intellectual property laws (copyright, patents, ...) censorship, pseudoleftism (political correctness, cancel culture, COCs ...) etc. It embraces free as in freedom, simple technology, i.e. Unix philosophy, suckless software, anarcho pacifism, racial realism, free speech, veganism etc. As a work promoting pure good in a time of universal rule of evil it is greatly controversial, often met with hostility.

The wiki is not funded by anyone, it doesn't have to be funded because it's not a capitalist project, it is also not affiliated with anyone, its author has no career for which he would have to fear, he has no friends or family, no material desires, no fear of jail or death, so he can write truth without being limited by anything.

LRS wiki was started by drummyfish on November 3 2021 as a way of recording and sharing his views, experience and knowledge about technology, as well as for creating a completely public domain educational resource and account of current society for future generations. It was forked from so called "based wiki" at a point when all the content on it had been made by drummyfish, so at this point LRS wiki is 100% drummyfish's own work; over time it became kind of a snapshot of drummyfish's brain and so the wiki doesn't allow contributions (but allows and encourages forks).

Some distinguishing features of LRS wiki that make it much better than other wikis include:

Over time, being written solely by drummyfish without much self censorship and "language filtering", the wiki also became something like drummyfish's raw brain dump with all the thoughts and moods averaged over the time span of writing the wiki -- reading through it makes you see relatively faithfully how drummyfish internally thinks (e.g. you see anticapitalist rants everywhere because these annoying thoughts are just constantly bothering drummyfish, whatever he's thinking about) -- this can make many people vomit but it's a kind of experiment and some even liked it, so it stays up. No one is forced to read it and CC0 ensures anyone can shape it into anything better hopefully.

The wiki can also additionally be seen as a dirty collection of drummyfish's cheatsheets, links, code snippets, jokes, attempts at ASCII art, vent rants etcetc. So the whole thing is like a digital swamp that one might see as a kind of retarded art that combines many things together: technical, cultural, personal, objective and subjective, beautiful and ugly. It might also be viewed as a shitpost or meme taken too far. It's just its own thing.

The wiki is similar to and was inspired by other wikis and similar works, for example in its topics and technical aspects it is similar to the earliest (plain HTML) versions of Wikipedia and wikiwikiweb. In tone and political incorrectness it is similar to Encyclopedia Dramatica, but unlike Dramatica LRS is a "serious" project.

Technology "powering" LRS wiki is plain and simple, it uses no frameworks or static site generators, the wiki is currently written as a collection of Markdown files that use a few shell scripts that convert the whole thing to HTML for the web (and can also produce txt and pdf version of it), i.e. it doesn't use any wiki engine or bloated static site generator. There is a plan to maybe rewrite the wiki in comun.

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