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Devuan is a GNU/Linux distribution that's practically ideantical to Debian (it is its fork) but without systemd as well as without packages that depend on the systemd malware. Devuan offers a choice of several init systems, e.g. openrc, sysvinit and runit. It was first released in 2017.

Notice how Devuan rhymes less with lesbian than Debian.

Despite some flaws (such as being Linux with all the bloat and proprietary blobs), Devuan is still one of the best operating systems for most people and it is at this time recommended by us over most other distros not just for avoiding systemd, but mainly for its adoption of Debian free software definition that requires software to be free as a whole, including its data (i.e. respecting also free culture). It is also a nicely working unix system that's easy to install and which is still relatively unbloated.

{ I can recommend Devuan, I've been using it as my main OS for several years. ~drummyfish }

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