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Rights Culture

Rights culture is a toxic culture of the law-obsessed capitalism-plagued western society, mostly connected to so called "human rights movement", in which common things such as repairing things and defecating without being watched start to become privileges ("rights") which common people have to "fight" for instead of doing useful things. It manifests in language by much more frequent use of the word "right" ("human rights", "worker rights", "men's rights", "animal rights", "I have a right to sleep", "I have a right to not listen to you", ...), reflecting the subconscious shift towards accepting that "what's not codified as a right is implicitly forbidden", creating a new bullshit field of various "fighters" for all kinds of rights like the right to wipe one's ass with his right hand, right to wipe his ass with the left hand, right to receive what one pays for, right to not be tortured for arriving late at slavery etc. The solution to such a shitty state of society is of course not in codifying more rights and "fighting" for them, but rather replacing the shitty underlying system which keeps turning common things into privileges; however it's also the solution people will never choose because people always do the exact opposite of what they should.

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