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Future-Proof Technology

Future-proof technology is technology that is very likely to stay functional for a very long time with minimal to no maintenance, even considering significant changes in state of technology in society. In a world of relatively complex technology, such as that of computers, this feature is generally pretty hard to achieve; today's consumerist society makes the situation even much worse by focusing on immediate profit without long-term planning and by implementing things such as bloat, intentional introduction of complexity and dependencies and planned obsolescence. But with good approach, such as that of LRS, it is very possible to achieve.

A truly good technology is trying to be future-proof because this saves us the great cost of maintenance and reinventing wheels and it gives its users comfort and safety; users of future-proof technology know they can build upon it without fearing it will suddenly break.

Despite the extremely bad situation not all hope is lost. At least in the world of software future-proofing can be achieved by:

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