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Money is an item (physical or virtual) whose main and usually sole purpose is to carry economic value so as to be used for making payments. Money spoils everything and in capitalism money is everywhere. As Richard Muller says in one of his songs: "happiness is a beautiful thing, but it can't buy you money". It is said that money is the root of all evil -- it is so because money embodies a system of competition for resources, and competition itself is root of all evil. Evil people are attracted by money and money is attracted by evil people. Standardized money (for example specific bank notes, coins or cryptocurrency) is called currency.

Things that money can buy include happiness, love, sex, family, people, stress-free life, luxury, freedom, food, health, education, awards, skills, authority, good looks, law, power, fame, rights, anonymity, safety, science, logic, truth, justice, injustice, voters, slaves, life, death, war, peace, victory, loss, information, advice, public opinion, obedience, respect, entertainment, media, countries, all physical things and more money. So does selling your soul to the devil.

Money is a tool of oppression, it forces people into slavery while creating an illusion of "progress" by adding an indirection that makes stupid people think we no longer use physical violence to force people to work -- in the past physical violence was often used directly to force slaves to work, nowadays if a slave refuses to work, we don't use violence directly, we just refuse the slave money which will lead to violence and torture only indirectly: for example he will be forced to live in homelessness, healthcare will be refused to him and his hunger will force him to stealing which will lead to him being beaten by police. So we still use violence to force people to work, we just use it indirectly through money, which idiots with microbrains can no longer see. By this the capitalist system eliminated the possibility of being overthrown by workers as revolution requires masses of people revolting and because majority of people are stupid, not being able to see the abuse (not being able to comprehend indirection), they will never revolt.

Sadly capitalism forced EVERYONE to deal with money, even those who hate it. How to handle this? Correct relationship towards money you should have as an LRS follower:

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