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Love is not a crime.

{ I hate disclaimers but I'm getting some suicide suggestions and death threats, so I'll leave a small note here: keep in mind LRS loves all living beings and never advocates for hurting anyone, i.e. rape of anyone is absolutely not acceptable, as any other kind of violence against any living being -- this is what really matters in the end (as opposed to respecting arbitrary law-imposed age limits etc.). Any thought, desire, perception or sharing of any information must however never be considered wrong in itself, i.e. bullying someone merely for his sexual orientation or his thoughts is just as wrong as raping someone. LRS is one the most peaceful philosophies in history.

Most people I talk to about this article privately tell me they basically agree with everything I write here, but they say I "shouldn't be saying this aloud". Well, what kind of fucked up society is this when I can't tell a truth everyone knows? What kind of medieval thinking is this, do we really live in such a dystopian horror already? Fuck this shit and fuck your silence, I wanna puke from your conformance to evil.

I have not once now encountered groups of people who tried to seriously push me to committing suicide, simply for advocating not bullying people for a private desire, knowing very well I had suicidal tendencies and that I would never harm anyone, nor would I advocate any kind of harm of anyone -- not random strangers, but people who knew me for long. There is literally no difference from a witch hunt now. This is the kind of people you want to be? Just think about it for a second.

love & peace ~drummyfish }

Pedophilia (also paedophilia or paedosexuality) is a sexual orientation towards children. A pedophile is often called a pedo or minor-attracted person (map); there are also terms such as hebephilia and ephebophilia that mean attraction to a bit older "non-adults". Opposition of pedophilia is called pedophobia or pedohysteria and is a form of age discrimination and witch hunt.

NOTE for pedophobes: please attend this anonymous self-help program.

Unlike for example pure homosexuality, pedophilia is completely natural and normal -- many studies confirm this (some links e.g. here) but if you're not heavily brainwashed you don't even need any studies (it's really like wanting to see studies on whether men want to have sex with women at all): wanting to have sex with young, sexually mature girls who are able to reproduce is, despite it being forbidden by law, as normal as wanting to have sex with a woman that is married to someone else, despite it being culturally forbidden, or wanting to punch someone who is really annoying, despite it being forbidden by law. No one can question that pedophilia is natural, the only discussion can be about it being harmful and here again it has to be said it is NOT any more harmful than any other orientation. Can it harm someone? Yes, but so can any other form of sex or any human interaction whatsoever, that's not a reason to ban it. Nevertheless, pedophilia is nowadays wrongfully, mostly for political and historical reasons, labeled a "disorder" (just as homosexuality used to be not a long time ago). It is the forbidden, tabooed, censored and bullied sexual orientation of the 21st century, even though all healthy people are pedophiles -- just don't pretend you've never seen a jailbait you found sexy, people start being sexually attractive exactly as soon as they become able to reproduce; furthermore when you've gone without sex long enough and get extremely horny, you get turned on by anything that literally has some kind of hole in it -- this is completely normal. Basically everyone has some kind of weird fetish he hides from the world, there are people who literally fuck cars in their exhausts, people who like to eat shit, dress in diapers and hang from ceiling by their nipples, people who have sexual relationships with virtual characters etc. -- this is all considered normal, but somehow once you get an erection seeing a hot 17 year old girl, you're a demon that needs to be locked up and cured, if not executed right away, just for a thought present in your mind.

Even though one cannot choose this orientation and even though pedophiles don't hurt anyone any more than for example gay people do, they are highly oppressed and tortured. Despite what the propaganda says, a pedophile is not automatically a rapist of children (a pedophile will probably choose to never actually even have sex with a child) any more than a gay man is automatically a rapist of people of the same sex, and watching child porn won't make you want to rape children any more than watching gay porn will make you want to rape people of the same sex. Nevertheless the society, especially the fascists from the LGBT movement who ought to know better than anyone else what it is like to be oppressed only because of private sexual desires, actively hunt pedophiles, bully them and lynch them on the Internet and in the real life -- this is done by both both civilians and the state (I shit you not, in Murica there are whole police teams of pink haired lesbians who pretend to be little girls on the Internet and tease guys so that they can lock them up and get a medal for it). LGBT activists proclaim that a child is completely asexual, that it can't consent to sex, but at the same time they'll tell you that a child can feel sexual identity and that it can make the decision to change its sex with surgeries and drugs (yes, it's happening, even if parent's agreement is also needed, would parents also be able to allow a child to have sex if it wishes to?). Isn't it hilarious? Yes, it is. There is a literal witch hunt going on against completely innocent people, just like in the middle ages. Innocent people are tortured, castrated, cancelled, rid of their careers, imprisoned, beaten, rid of their friends and families and pushed to suicide sometimes only for having certain files on their computers or saying something inappropriate online (not that any of the above is ever justified to do to anyone, even the worst criminal).

In 15th century an unofficial version of the Bible, the Wycliffe's translation, was officially declared a heretic work and its possession was forbidden under penalty of prison, torture and excommunication. That's what we still do today, just with works violating a different kind of orthodoxy. We are literally still living in the middle ages.

Can a child consent? Rather ask if you have good enough reason to prevent it from what it wants to do and what is natural for its healthy development. Can a child consent for going out of house? What if someone abducts it there? What if a car runs it over? Better lock it at home until it's 18 and it's no longer on you if it dies, right? Doesn't matter it will grow up to be a pale unsocialized monster with depression who never saw sunlight, only if it's physically safe and you are legally safe. People nowadays have more trouble with sex than ever before, they don't know what gender they are, they have trouble dating, stay virgins, don't have kids, commit suicides. This wasn't the case in times when this supposed "law protection" didn't exist, how can that be? It's because this "protection" is actually a curse, it makes big deal out of sex and prevents natural development at everyone's pace. It labels people monsters for being attracted to the wrong age group, it labels them marked for life for having been touched by someone from a different age group, it label art a work of Satan if it shows a natural human body. It prohibits the depiction of young face because someone might find it pretty. This you think is a good society? Think again then.

{ For example one issue (that I might have heard from someone as a first hand experience): teenagers are often sexually interested in other teenagers rather than adults, but they cannot find teenager porn on the Internet. This not only discriminates them, but forces them to seek adult porn and adult partners, and any such kind of forcing may be quite harmful, especially at the age of crucial sexual development (note that sexual interaction with an adult is not the harmful thing, harmful is forcing someone to do something else than he desires and needs). ~drummyfish }

Is there evidence that children can enjoy sex? Sure, tons of it, but this evidence is literally illegal, it's called "child porn", even if it's not porn and if it's not treated as porn at all (e.g. if you just want to use it for research), you will ruin your life sometimes just by saying those words out loud. Let's repeat this: viewing, possession and sharing of this kind of evidence is illegal, and not only that, it is extremely culturally demonized, i.e. it's not the kind of "I stole a bubble gum" illegal, it's the kind of heresy, witchcraft, lynching kind of illegal, you may not officially get a death sentence but it is suggested that if angry mod kills you, the court will leave that be because it was understandable, so you can very easily get a de facto mafia style death sentence. Doesn't this perhaps remind you of some kind of medieval age?

{ I've had people point out to me that pedophobia hurts not only adults but also the minors and children; they told me they had strong sexual desires before the age of 18 they couldn't satisfy because of the age discrimination: even on many social networks they are forced to lie about their age just to be able to join and socialize with others. I myself remember I had the desires LONG before reaching adulthood and would be very glad to satisfy them back then. Sure, abuse can happen, but that's the case for any interaction between children and adults and strong and weak in general -- should we just ban children play parks because that's where many child abductions happen? ~drummyfish }

The fact that they made people believe it is a disorder if your penis can't magically telepathically check a chick's ID and may get erect if she's been born before a date legally established in political region the penis currently resides in shows that at this point an average citizen is more retarded than a braindead chimp. Society believes it is not a disease for a human to think he's a dog but by law it is considered a disease if by the exact nanosecond of your 18th birthday your brain doesn't magically switch from being attracted to "up to exactly 18" to "exactly from 18 above".

Child porn is hardcore censored on the mainstream Internet, it is forbidden to even posses for personal use (!!!) -- even if you don't pay for it, even if you don't show it to anyone, even if you're not redistributing it, even if you're not hurting anyone, even if you don't even watch it, you're a criminal just if a file of an underage PP resides on your harddrive. The anti-pedo craze has gotten so insanely and unbelievably bad that even cartoon pictures of naked children or photos of children in swimsuits (not even talking about non-sexual photos of naked children) are banned basically everywhere on the internet :D WTF. LMAO they even blur just faces of children on TV. Let's repeat that, children faces are censored in today's society xD The worst part is that most people comply with such censorship and even support it, it's unbelievable how fucked up the world is.

The pedophile witch hunt exists because it is a great political tool. It is an arbitrarily invented (well, maybe not invented but purposefully escalated) victimless crime. By the principles of fear culture, it allows to push things such as hard surveillance and censorship, similarly to e.g. "war on terror". You're a government or a corporation and want to spy on people chatting? Just make a law requiring mandatory spyware in all chat and justify it by "pedophiles" (this is what EU did). You're against the surveillance law? You must be a pedophile! The witch hunt also allows to immediately cancel anyone uncomfortable. There's a guy who the government doesn't like? Maybe a political competition. Simple, just plant some files on his computer, make up a little story and he's gone.

Defending pedophilia in itself is enough to be cancelled, perhaps even imprisoned or killed by the angry mob, however it is the morally right thing to always say the truth -- especially that which is being censored. Therefore we mustn't remain silent about this issue.

2024 UPDATE: It seems like LGBT terrorists are realizing that absolute majority of people are attracted to pre-18 people and it seems they are starting a kind of reshape of their opinions to accept the "minority attracted"/hebephiles, though this is in extremely early stages now. This is no enlightened thinking on their part, it's a purely strategic political move of by now a purely political movement which simply foresees forming of a strong minority they don't want to stand against, so they are plotting to embrace them and separate them from the rest of pedophiles whom they will continue to bully. Do not fall for the trick.

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