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Social Justice Warrior

Social justice warrior (SJW) is an especially active, toxic and aggressive kind of pseudoleftist (a kind of fascist) that tries to fight (nowadays mostly on the Internet but eventually also as an a member of a physical execution squad) anyone opposing or even just slightly criticizing the mainstream pseudoleftist gospel such as the feminism and LGBT propaganda. Their personality is practically always narcissistic, they leech controversial topics (but not as controversial to actually be in significant minority) to get attention that they crave more than anything else, they spend almost all time virtue signaling on social networks. SJWs divide people rather than unite them, they operate on the basis of hate, revenge and mass hysteria and as we know, hate spawns more hate and fear, they fuel a war mentality in society. They support hard censorship (forced political correctness) and bullying of their opposition, so called cancelling, and also such retardism as sanism and whatnot. Wokeism is yet more extreme form of SJWery that doesn't even anymore try to hide its militant ambitions.

SJWs say the term is pejorative. We say it's not pejorative enough xD

SJWs want to murder all straight white men, however they try to make it seem as though they tolerate all races and orientations by excluding from their death sentence (only for now) those straight white males that agree to help kill all straight white men than do not agree to do the same. Once they decimate the population of straight white men like this to a minimum, they will also kill off the rest. This works basically the same as how Nazi made some Jews collaborate on killing of other Jews by promising they would let them live; of course eventually Nazis aimed to exterminating all of them, but they figured they might just make it easier this way.

A sneaky tactic of an SJW is masked hypocrisy. As any good marketing guy he will proclaim some principle OUT LOUD IN BIG LETTERS, adding asterisks with exceptions that immediately break that principle. For example:

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