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Sodevs are incompetent wanna-be programmers that usually have these characteristics:

Here is a quick rough comparison of seydevs and actual good programmers (nowadays mostly an extinct species):

characteristic good programmer soydev
math skills deep knowledge of math "I don't need it", "there's library for that", memorized math interview questions
computer knowledge all-level, big-picture knowledge of principles knowledge of trivia ("This checkbox in this framework has to be unchecked.", ...)
specialization generalist hyperspecialized, knows one language/framework
prog. languages C, assembly, FORTRAN, Forth, comun, lisp, ... Python, JavaScript, Rust, Java, C#, C++2045, ...
mostly does thinking about algorithms and data structures typing glue code for different libraries, updates/maintains systems, talks to people
political opinions politically incorrect hippie anarcho pacifist liberal capitalist feminist pro black lesbian LGBT fascist anti Nazi
hardware 640x480 1990s laptop, no mouse 2023 touchscreen 1080K macbook with stickers all over, wireless $1000 AI gaming mouse
memorized knowledge 10000 digits of pi 10000 genders plus offensive words he mustn't say
text editor vim, ed, ... Microsoft AI blockchain VSCode with 10000 plugins running in 10000 virtual sandboxes
looks fat, unwashed, unkept beard, dirty clothes pink hair, fake glasses, $1000 T-shirt "sudo make sandwich HAHA BAZINGA", 10000 tattoos
gender male depends on mood
race white prefers not to specify, offended by the question
hobbies reading encyclopedias, chess, rocket science distrohopping, browserhopping, githopping, editorhopping, tiktok, partying

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