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"Cloud Computing"

Cloud is just someone else's computer.

Cloud computing, more accurately known as clown computing, means giving up an autonomous computer by storing one's data as well as running one's programs on someone else's (often a corporation's) computer, known as the cloud, through the Internet, becoming wholly dependent on someone else to which one gives all the power. While the general idea of server computers and remote terminals is not bad in itself and may be utilized in very good ways, the term cloud computing stands for abusing this idea e.g. by capitalists or states to take away autonomous computers from the people as well as to restrict freedoms of people in other ways, for example by pushing DRM, making it impossible to truly own a copy of software or other data, to run computations privately, isolated from the Internet or run non-approved, user-respecting software. Moreover clown computing as applied nowadays is mostly a very bad engineering approach that wastes bandwidth, introduces lag, requires complex and expensive infrastructure etc.

Despite all this "cloud" is the mainstream nowadays, it is the way of computing among normies, even despite regular leaks and losses of their personal data etc., simply because they're constantly being pushed to it by the big tech (Apple, Google, Micro$ost, ...) -- many times they don't even have a choice, they are simply supposed to SHUT UP AND CONSUME. And of course they wouldn't even have an idea about what's going on in the first place, all that matters to a normie is "comfort", "everyone does it", "I just need my TikTok" etc. Zoomers probably aren't even aware of the cloud, they simply have phones with apps that show their photos if Apple approves of it, they don't even care how shit works anymore.

In the future non-cloud computers will most likely become illegal. This will be justified by autonomous computers being "dangerous", only needed by terrorists, pirates and pedophiles. An autonomous computer will be seen as a gun, the right to own it will be greatly limited.

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