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Permacomputing Wiki

Permacomputing wiki is a computer minimalist pseudoleftist-infected wiki centered around so called permacomputing (a recent term that means basically "sustainable computing", focus on maximizing lifespan of technology, minimize its waste etc., inspired by permaculture) that focuses a lot on minimalist, eco-friendly, collapse-ready computing; in many ways (especially when you take away the SJW fascism) the wiki is a lot similar to our LRS wiki. It is part of soynet, the wiki was started in 2022 and can now be accessed at https://permacomputing.net/, one of its famous users is Viznut (who allegedly coined the term "permacomputing" on his website in 2020). The wiki has some really cool stuff, but is sadly toxic, with code of censorship and is littered with pseudoleftist fascism (about half of bullet points in their site rules is just pseudoleftist copy pasta gospel lol). LMAO they are promoting some kind of lesbian servers or something :'D The wiki also seem to be dying. { One theory is that it was created as a rage reaction to our wiki and the activity was mostly fueled by anger which by now had possibly burned out :D ~drummyfish }

{ NOTE: Someone reached out to me pointing out permacomputing wiki focuses on new things and concepts while LRS just writes about Unix and "old" stuff -- that's true! Actually permacomputing wiki is awesome in this, it's just sad it's being plagued by ideological issues, but the "content" is really great. I wish I could write better about the "new", I just focus on what I personally do best, i.e. boomer stuff. But I will try to possibly change my direction a bit to focus on new ideas as well. Thanks to the reader for a kind email <3 :-) ~drummyfish }

Late 2023 sum up of the wiki's issues: it seems like a few users just care about computers and try to write cool stuff about technology while clashing with a few political fanatics who just want to push pseudoleftist propaganda, ridiculously trying to find ways to somehow insert feminism and LGBT to core principles of technology design :D It's really awkward and creates conflicts in articles e.g. about Rust where feminists really want to push it as the best thing ever while the educated minimalist just can NOT ever accept Rust as a good language, not even by a huge margin. That's all just funny but what's more, there seem to be even censorship going on as for example the political activists seem to prefer shitty Gemini just for its political message and MUH ENCRYPTION (which, again, clashes with the need of minimalism) over superior Gopher (a clear preferred choice for true minimalist) and so they JUST DON'T MENTION GOPHER AT ALL, even in the article on smol net where it is just a key thing to mention and it's clear they just wanna hide its existence, this is literally like making an article about text editors and refusing to mention Vim in it because you're an Emacs fan :D For the same reason they probably also don't mention our LRS wiki which they most likely copied (or at very least would be worth a mention as a related resource). This is just a message to their readers that they're gonna blatantly manipulate them and so probably something that should make you go away. It's kind of all funny, sad and depressing that yet another promising thing is becoming a victim to the cancer just in such early stage.

{ To be honest reading through the wiki makes me conjecture it's actually a LRS wiki ripoff that refuses to admit to it :D Now to make it clear: I don't care if someone copies this wiki or if I get credited or anything like that, on the contrary, I explicitly state in many places this is public domain, that I highly encourage copying, making ripoffs and despise any idea of being able to own an intellectual work. The conjecture here is of purely entertaining nature. If anyone associated with permacomputing wiki is reading this, let me know if the similarities are purely coincidental because yes, we are dealing with similar topic, by similar means, having similar value etc. I also understand no one wants to associate his work with mine, though making a small note for historians somewhere can hardly bring anyone any harm. Why I think it's so similar? Some hints are these: wiki created about half a year after this one, "Care for life" cited as their "axiom" vs "Unconditional love of all life" is cited as our axiom (even using the same word "axiom"), whole design looks pretty similar (similar top-level links, css similar to my website, ...), same waiver, similar articles (like pseudosimplicity vs pseudominimalism, dependency, smallnet vs smol_internet, games, history, paper computer, bloat; sure these are general topic we deal with, but the selection...) with similar content in them (e.g. "A dependency refers to another piece of technology" vs "Dependency of a piece of technology is another piece of technology..."). I don't know, it's just at the edge of me being able to decide if it's a coincidence or not :P ~drummyfish }

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