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"In this moment I am euphoric ..." --some retarded atheist

An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in god or any other similar supernatural beings.

An especially annoying kind is the reddit atheist who will DESTROY YOU WITH FACTS AND LOGIC^(TM). These atheists are 14 year old children who think they've discovered the secret of the universe and have to let the whole world know they're atheists who will destroy you with their 200 IQ logic and knowledge of all 10 cognitive biases and argument fallacies, while in fact they reside at the mount stupid and many times involuntarily appear on other subreddits such as r/iamverysmart and r/cringe. They masturbate to Richard Dawkins, love to read soyentific studiiiiiies about how race has no biological meaning and think that religion is literally Hitler. They like to pick easy targets such as flatearthers and cyberbully them on YouTube with the power of SCIENCE and their enormously large thesaurus (they will never use a word that's among the 100000 most common English words). They are so cringe you want to kill yourself, but their discussions are sometimes entertaining to read with a bowl of popcorn.

Such a specimen of atheist is one of the best quality examples of a pseudosceptic. See also this: https://www.debunkingskeptics.com/Contents.htm.

On a bit more serious note: we've all been there, most people in their teens think they're literal Einsteins and then later in life cringe back on themselves. However, some don't grow out of it and stay arrogant, ignorant fucks for their whole lives. The principal mistake of the stance they retain is they try to apply "science" (or whatever it means in their world) to EVERYTHING and reject any other approach to solving problems -- of course, science (the real one) is great, but it's just a tool, and just like you can't fix every problem with a hammer, you can't approach every problem with science. In your daily life you make a million of unscientific decisions and it would be bad to try to apply science to them; you cross the street not because you've read a peer-reviewed paper about it being the most scientifically correct thing to do, but because you feel like doing it, because you believe the drivers will stop and won't run you over. Beliefs, intuition, emotion, non-rationality and even spirituality are and have to be part of life, and it's extremely stupid to oppose these concepts just out of principle. With that said, there's nothing wrong about being a well behaved man who just doesn't feel a belief in any god in his heart, just you know, don't be an idiot.

Among the greatest minds it is hard to find true atheists, even though they typically have a personal and not easy to describe faith. Newton was a Christian. Einstein often used the word "God" instead of "nature" or "universe"; even though he said he didn't believe in the traditional personal God, he also said that the laws of physics were like books in a library which must have obviously been written by someone or something we can't comprehend. Nikola Tesla said he was "deeply religious, though not in the orthodox sense". There are also very hardcore religious people such as Larry Wall, the inventor of Perl language, who even planned to be a Christian missionary. The "true atheists" are mostly second grade "scientists" who make career out of the pose and make living by writing books about atheism rather than being scientists.

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