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Welcome to my webpage. Here I keep and share some of my thoughts and files. I keep it brief here and post more data over here. The page is hosted on GitLab. You can support me via LiberaPay, Patreon or PayPal. Google umí překládat do češtiny.


Migrated all my git repositories from GitHub to GitLab including this website because of the Micro$oft acquisition. #movingToGitLab #deleteGitHub
Changed the website style to a minimalist single HTML file. No node.js, no PHP, no frameworks, less is more and life is short. The mind has to be clean.

About Me

My name is Miloslav Číž, I was born on 24 August 1990 and I live in Moravia, Earth. I have gotten my master's degree in computer science (computer graphics) at FIT BUT. My online handles are tastyfish, drummy and drummyfish (sometimes also smellyfish, tasty, drumy and other variants). I once looked like this .

This repository holds more personal data about myself. I'm very open and keep only to bare minimum privacy. The only data I won't tell you are directly exploitable ones, ones concerning the privacy of others and, because we still do not have the right of free speech, some of my illegal opinions — though I may or may not be anonymously publishing these over at Tor.

Fun facts:

Contacts and social media:

Some things I like:

Some things I dislike:

Notable Projects

Here is a highlight of projects I made or contributed to. Many are unfinished and/or have flaws, but are part of my history. For all projects see my contacts.

OpenMW contrib.
Game engine rewrite that taught me collaboration on a big codebase.
Bombman (GH)
99% finished Bomberman game clone.
Mage-Rage (GH)
Early game of mine, won first prize in a competition.
Steamer Duck (GH)
School project game made with Python.
Tower defense game for Arduboy.
C raycasting engine for resource-limited computers.
OpenMF (GH)
Co-founded the project, am no longer active but learned a lot.
Haskell game (GH)
Ray casting FPS ASCII game I made to learn Haskell.
ptdesigner (GH)
Procedural texture library and tool made for my bachelor's thesis.
My first rendering engine, a lot of valuable experience.
Master's thesis work, demonstration of rendering of non-planar mirrors.
Thesis DB (GH)
Big database of Czech computer science theses.
videos (YT)
Videos I've made over the years.
OGA art
Various public domain game art I made that taught me many skills.
Personal website, taught me a lot about web design over the years.
Wave Simulator
Simple physics simulator in JavaScript.
SoL Simulator
Simple simulator of speed of light distortion, in JavaScript.
GitViz (GH)
Simple script to make animations of a Git repository file.
3D MIDI drum visualizer.
distr. ray tracer
School project, distributed ray tracer.
ASM Minesweeper
School project, minesweeper written in assembly and WINAPI.
GUX Fractals
School project, renders fractals.
Brutal Sudoku
Very early (high school) Pascal program for solving sudoku.
Panda RPG
Unfinished 3D RPG.
Chess, high school graduation project.
Procedural music generator.
Simple musical instrument controlled with mouse, in Python.

Free and Open-Source Software

I greatly support free culture, FLOSS and information freedom. I enjoy contributing to free culture, mainly by programming games. I also create public domain art.

Here is a list of software I am currently using:

operating system
Linux Mint
text editor
LaTeX, LibreOffice
Internet Browser
bitmap graphics editor
vector graphics editor
3D editor
video editor
Blender, ffmpeg
audio editor
music editor
screen recording
Simple Screen Recorder
C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Bash, Haskell, ...


In this section I keep files from my old websites.

The web has been changing over the years. I started at high school with plain HTML, later added some PHP and CSS. I always made my own graphics and reworked the web several times. When the PHP code became bloated, I switched over to Wordpress, and after that to Pelican (the source is still available here). After that I am back to HTML. The circle is complete.

This page is released under CC0 1.0.