WARNING: I have written this and I am not a lawyer, also I've been informed this waiver may be legally ineffective in some countries, if you want to make use of it and be legally safe, make sure it would be valid in your country. All I can do is promise you I will not sue you, but you shouldn't rely on my promise. If you can, put effort towards changing the laws of your country so that waivers like this one are possible.

Consent To Any Sexual Behavior

version 1.0

The intent of this text is to ensure that anyone at any time can freely interact
with my body without fear of legal action from my side, possibility of which I
hereby give up. This statement is serious and legally binding.

I, Miloslav Číž, born 24.8.1990, Zlín, give an unconditional and irrevocable consent to all
affected persons to behave towards me at any time and under any circumstances in
a way that might otherwise be ruled as sexual abuse. This includes (but is not
limited to) hugging, kissing, touching any part of my body with any part of the
other person's body, verbally or otherwise communicating any messages to me,
photographing me etc.