Repository Of Public Domain Works By Drummyfish

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This is a repository of works created by me, drummyfish (aka Miloslav Číž), for the good of everyone, for any use by anyone, without any legal conditions. All works here are released under CC0 1.0, public domain. Each work here will potentially be downloadable from several mirrors.

This site will hold most of my notable non-textual public domain works of art. Written texts (such as computer programs) will for now be hosted elsewhere (usually git hosting sites).

I created this centralized personal repository because I got banned and censored on many asset hosting sites such as Wikimedia Commons for promoting morality, love and good society on my own personal website. Though they keep my uploads, I am unable to edit them or upload more. For that I created this repository which will hopefully remain uncensored and under my full control.

I will appreciate if you upload my works to other sites, especially to those where I am banned and cannot do so myself, most importantly Wikimedia Commons. Of course you can do this even without my blessing since my works are CC0, however I assure you I won't get angry, on the contrary I'll be glad my works will be mirrored in more places and accessible to more people. Just please mark me as the original author -- this is not for credit, I don't care about credit, just for copyright clarity, i.e. for it to be clear that I made the work and I had the right to remove copyright from it with CC0. I will also appreciate if you let me know about the reupload by email so that I can link to them from here as an additional mirror. Thank you :)

WARNING: there may be NSFW media in here and/or media some people may find disgusting etc., such as nudity, self harm etc. If you don't like this, go away.

Solo Original Works

Works here were created completely from scratch by myself and no one else, considering a very strict interpretation of such statement, i.e. I did not literally dig up my own silicon to build a computer which I used to create the work, but legally works under this section should very safely be considered completely original, as I created their most basic elements (even those such as fonts or color palettes), and this fact should be very clear and backed by solid evidence. This fact may be helpful in assuring legal safety for you, as having multiple authors or reusing/remixing works of others by me might be harder for you to legally trace down and verify, even if the reused works are public domain themselves. Works under this section are therefore my "purest" public domain works.

Derivative/Collaborative Works

Works here are still public domain and created by me, however I may have collaborated with someone else and/or reused considerable amount of other works that are either public domain or somehow allow for the work to be public domain. This means I might have used e.g. a font created by someone else or used someone else's textures for my 3D model. These are still highly legally safe and public domain, just possibly not as "pure" as the above as there may be a bit more mess in investigating the status of collaborative works.