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Free Will

You can do what you want, but you can't want what you want.

Free will is a logically erroneous egocentric belief that humans (and possibly other living beings) are special in the universe by possessing some kind of soul which may disobey laws of physics and somehow make spontaneous, unpredictable decisions according to its "independent" desires. Actually that's the definition of absolute indeterminate free will; weaker definitions are also possible, e.g. volitional free will means just that one's actions are determined internally, or for the purposes of law definitions based on one's sanity may be made. But here we'll focus on the philosophical definition as that's what most autism revolves around. The Internet (and even academic) debates of free will are notoriously retarded to unbelievable levels, similarly to e.g. debates of consciousness.

{ Sabine nicely explains it here https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zpU_e3jh_FY. ~drummyfish }

Free will is usually discussed in relation to determinism, an idea of everything (including human thought and behavior) being completely predetermined from the start of the universe. Determinism is the most natural and most likely explanation for the working of our universe; it states that laws of nature dictate precisely which state will follow from current state and therefore everything that will every happen is only determined by the initial conditions (start of the universe). As human brain is just matter like any other, it is no exception to the laws of nature. Determinism doesn't imply we'll be able to make precise predictions (see e.g. chaos or undecidability), just that everything is basically already set in stone as a kind of unavoidable fate. Basically the only other possible option is that there would be some kind true randomness, i.e. that laws of nature don't specify an exact state to follow from current state but rather multiple states out of which one is "taken" at random -- this is proposed by some quantum physicists as quantum physics seems to be showing the existence of inherent randomness. Nevertheless quantum physics may still be deterministic, see the theory of hidden variables and superdeterminism (no, Bell test didn't disprove determinism). But EVEN IF the universe is non deterministic, free will still CANNOT exist. Therefore this whole debate is meaningless.

Why is there no free will? Because it isn't logically possible, just like e.g. the famous omnipotent God (could he make a toast so hot he wouldn't be able to eat it?). Either the universe is deterministic and your decisions are already predetermined, or there exists an inherent randomness and your decisions are determined by a mere dice roll (which no one can call a free will more than just making every decision in life based on a coin toss). In either case your decisions are made for you by something "external". Even if you follow a basic definition of free will as "acting according to one's desires", you find that your decisions are DETERMINED by your desires, i.e. something you did not choose (your desires) makes decisions for you. There is no way out of this unless you reject logic itself.

For some reason retards (basically everyone) don't want to accept this, as if accepting it changed anything, stupid capitalists think that it would somehow belittle their "achievements" or what? Basically just like the people who used to let go of geocentrism. This is ridiculous, they hold on to the idea of their "PRECIOOOOUUUSS FREE WILL" to the death, then they go and consume whatever a TV tells them to consume. Indeed one of the most retarded things in the universe.

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