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Thrembo (also hidden or forbidden number) is allegedly a "fictional" whole number lying between numbers 6 and 7, it's a subject of jokes and conspiracy theories with most people seeing it as a meme and others promoting its existence, it is represented by a Unicode symbol U+03EB. Thrembo originated as a schizo post on 4chan in 2021 by someone implying there's some kind of conspiracy to hide the existence of a number between 6 and 7, who was of course in turn advised to take his meds, however the meme has already been started. Thrembo now even has its own subreddit (though it's extremely retarded, don't go there).

How can there be an integer between 6 and 7? Well, that's what thrembologists research. Sure, normally there is no space on the number line to fit a number between 6 and 7 so that its distance is 1 to both its neighbors, however this only holds due to simplifications we naively assume because of our limited IQ; one may for example imagine a curved, non Euclidean number line (:'D) on which this is possible, just like we can draw a triangle with three right angles on a surface of a sphere. In history we've seen naysayer proven wrong in mathematics, for example those who claimed there is no solution to the equation x^2 = -1; some chad just came and threw at us a new number called i (he sneakily made it just a letter so that he doesn't actually have to say how much it ACTUALLY equals), he just said "THIS NUMBR IS HENCEFORTH THE SOLUTION BECAUSE I SAY SO" and everyone was just forced to admit defeat because no one actually had a bigger authority than this guy. That's how real mathematics is done kids. As we see e.g. with political correctness, with enough propaganda anything can be force-made a fact, so if the number gets enough likes on twitter, it will just BE.

Some pressing questions about thrembo remaining to be researched are following. Is thrembo even of odd? Is it a prime? If such number can exist between 6 and 7, can similar numbers exist between other "mainstream" numbers?

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