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In the world of intellectual works (such as programs, texts, images etc.) attribution means visibly and properly acknowledging the work of collaborators, i.e. usually mentioning the names or pseudonyms of others that somehow took part in creation of the work. Sometimes we distinguish between merely giving credit, i.e. just recording collaborators somewhere, even in a less visible place such as some documentation file, and proper attribution which may have further conditions, e.g. mentioning the authors in a visible place (e.g. game's main menu) along with a link to their website and so on. Attribution is something that's often a condition of a license, i.e. for example the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license grants everyone rights to the work as long as the original author is properly attributed. However we at LRS see such license requirements as harmful; forcing attribution with a license is a very bad idea! Never do it. Please consider the following:

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