Let's make a Skyrim-like text-based RPG together

Sun 16 August 2015
tags: c commandline game multiplatform recruit rpg
translations: cs en (google)

Have you ever wanted to make an RPG? I did and so I started a project recently. I would like other people to join me and maybe we can make a nice game together. I don't feel like typing too much so I'll use a bulleted list

Wanna join? All you need to do is fork the GitHub repository, write some code and submit it via pull request. Don't know where to begin? Just take a look at the UML class diagram in the "other" folder on GitHub - you'll find classes that need to be implemented there. Or just ask in chat. But We're not only looking for programmers, the UML diagram needs to be completed, we need to think about the game more, for example what will its name be. Just connect to our chat. We're looking forward to seeing you :)