Less Retarded Software

This is LRS, software that is less retarded. LRS is closely related to suckless, minimal, KISS and Unix philosophy SW.

LRS attributes

project abbreviation status summary
raycastlib RCL usable 2D advanced raycasting library for rendering "pseudo 3D" environments, e.g. for games.
small3dlib S3L usable 3D software rasterizer, similar to OpenGL but much more simple and portable.
Anarch SFG finished Extremely small and portable game in Doom style.
smallchesslib SCL started Chess library and engine, including a complete extremely portable game.
planned Raycasting library with both low-level functions, allowing implementation of any rendering method based on tracing rays, like raycasting, raytracing, distributed raytracing or path tracing, and high level functions for complete scene rendering.
planned 3D physics simulation library allowing performing real-time rigid and soft physics simulations, with less focus on accuracy and more on performance, simplicity and portability, also usable as a 2D physics library.
planned BSP renderer, for rendering Doom-like games and environments.
planned Library for processing 2D raster images, with many graphics algorithms, format parsers. Would include procedural generation functions.
planned Machine learning library (neural nets, evolutional programming, ...).
idea General utility library (sorts, searches, strings, UTF, formats, ...).
idea A "platform independent operating system", something that can run compiled-in programs and interact with the platform's HW, be it a small 8bit console or a desktop PC.

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